Just another bittersweet day.

Well Father’s Day has come and gone and every time it does I become just a little bit sadder.

My son did not call me today.

He is 7 years old, I am sure he knows what Father’s Day means.

Or at the very least his mother would have told him to call.

But that would be just a little too much to ask for.

But this blog is for me to wail and lament over, it is a wake up call to those people who are selfish and keep their children away from their other parent.

People, please push your children to have some form of contact with the parent that is not there. You will never understand the damage you are doing to these kids. Even if the other person is no good, does not pay child support or what ever excuse (non excuse really) you can think up of.

I never met my father.

It ALWAYS bothered me in school when we had project to do for Father’s Day and I would make something like the other kids but unlike the other kids I would make things for naught.

They would get thrown out in the garbage before I arrived home.

Now some people would say, “You should have gave it to your mom.”

But I didn’t want to give it to my mom, I wanted to be like everyone else and give it to my dad.

Now I wonder if my son thinks this way.

So please let a kid have a mom and a dad, even if you are not with that person anymore.

Keep your ego by the door, for the child’s sake.