People and cruelty.

It just amazes me how cruel people are. We had the issue with little Gabby and her hair being one example. I mean really people, the girl is 16 with a Olympic Gold Medal not 16 and pregnant, yet you want to get on her case about her hair?

What has this country turned into, I mean even in politics, people have degenerated into calling those who are part of another party names, like children in a schoolyard.

I also read today that a girl who was murdered about a year ago, her killer cut out a tattoo so it would be harder for the police to identify her.

I am not even going to into what cruelty I have received on a personal level in the last 2 months. It is really sad and these are the things we are teaching our children, not realizing that these children will be taking care of us when we get older. do you think that they are going to treat you any better?

We need to get things together and fix this problem before it is too late.


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