Where is this world going to?

Well shootings seem to be the in thing nowadays, just had one pretty close to where I live that made national attention. Man lost it at a mediation meeting and shot 3 people, 1 died, 1 is said that he is not going to make it and the third, thank god will be fine. The killer shot himself and died after a run around with the police, then you have the stand off in Alabama and another shooting in Atlanta.

And it is not even the end of the week yet.

It seems people are just becoming more and more unhinged as the days go by, and this is just in America. I will not get into what is going on around the world at this point.

What is happening people, where are we going with this. If you want to see cruelty and blatant stupidity, just go to Yahoo News and read the comments on almost any article.

People are becoming more and more evil as time ticks away, I mean look at our last election. Never in my memory has there been such hatred toward one another before last November, even Romney was a total ass in how he handled his loss and his son did not fall far from the tree.


People get caught up in stupid things like racism, HELLO are we all part of the HUMAN RACE? Do we all not bleed the same color? Do we not all use eyes to see and ears to hear? Until something comes along that works different you cannot say one is better than another, it is just plain stupid.

My generation has failed Parenting 101, and it is not getting better as the next generation is having kids.

No values and even lesser morals.

Where are we going wrong?

I do know this, there is not one human being that can solve our issues. Only a intervention from a higher being (God/Jesus/Holy Spirit for me) can fix this mess that we are in.

Things will get a lot worse before it gets better and were need to prepare for the plunge.

Good luck.