Back to the grind.

It has been a while since I have put fingers to keys to write down what has been going through my mind and I think I have sat on my laurels long enough so here we go.

There last few years have had me scratching my head. People in the world and more so here in the states have, in my humble opinion, become less and less good. Cruelty is on the rise and the advent of the internet has fanned that flame more than any other medium in human history.

You see, in this day and age anyone can from almost anywhere sit down and with no accountability, write or comment anything that they want to say and while I am for freedom of speech I am not for abuse.

I think I became more aware of it when Gabby Douglas, who is a Olympian, was taken to task about her hair in 2012 and some of these commentators were from the very same race as Gabby was.


Same thing when Marc Anthony sang “God Bless America” at the 2013 MLB All Star Game and people has something negative to say and many of those comments were just plain ignorant calling him Mexican or not American. (His parents are Puerto Rican and he was born in NYC.)

If you want more examples, go to any Yahoo news item and just read the comments, you will find some sort of cruel and/or ignorant comment from someone hiding behind a screen-name.

Again why?

It is so much harder to be mean, and it has been proven that you actually spend more energy being mean as opposed to being nice which has been proven to be beneficial to one’s health.

So again, why?

Signs of the times?

It has been said in the Judeo-Christian faith that people would be more insensitive to each other as the End Times was drawing near.

And that has seem to be the case as days go by.