Living with pain.

Dealing with chronic pain is not a fun way to live, even more so when your body metabolizes pain killers so quickly that to have the therapeutic effect that the average person would have is about 15 times the normal dosage. For example, I was given Dilaudid, which is one of that strongest legal painkillers at 4mg for, at the minimum 4 hours, that dosage lasts me about 5 minutes. For it to last me 4 hours, I would have to take about 15 pills which would damage my liver and my kidneys. So I have learned to focus past the pain and try to function as best that I can, also I do not let others know the level of pain that I am in because most do not understand, which also backfires at times where people think I am faking it to avoid working. I am not the only one who suffers like this, people with MS go through a hard time and so do people who suffer from Lyme Disease.

At this point in time, there are no cures for any of these issues and it is frustrating, so please if you hear or see someone suffering from a chronic condition, a little compassion, please.