Another wonderful rant.

I put these thoughts down and while I do I, at times dwell on the why.

Which brings me to today’s post.

Do people out there today know their why? In this day and age? I wonder in this day of instant gratification and short attention span. We have social media which a lot of times let us post our foolishness for the world to see, and I do literally mean the world.

When someone becomes upset in this day and age, they pull out their phone or computer and let the denizens of Cyberspace know their thoughts and emotions. Lots of times without thinking of the possible consequence.

And it is not just the average person but celebrities do it all the time, while people do get hacked online and stars I am sure are more of a target, but they also post some amazing thoughts in the heat of the moment which at times they regret later.

One becomes angry over something and at times those things that actually made us mad really were not the worth the effort that was expended in the first place. Then they post some kind of commentary then hit send.



Well, as of this writing I have two stories published in a unique anthology with two more stories coming up in two other anthologies.

Four stories, three more than I ever dreamed of.

I still am stunned about it,

I am a Published Author!!

Thank you, GOD, for letting me achieve a dream in the midst of a challenging life, made that way from my own inane choices.