This what I do not like about election time and this election, in particular, it is making people who have known for years, ugly.

Very ugly.

And it is not just one person, and not with just one candidate, it is a number of you, on both sides.

This is why I am going to try and stop making commentary about the candidates.

Some of you are so obsessed with your favorite that it seems that in your posts, they cannot do anything wrong, and if they did? You will not admit to it.

Trump is no saint, neither is Clinton, nor Stein or Johnson.
Neither is Obama, or Bush, or anyone before them in recent memory.

This change I am seeing in people is actually frightening.

I am praying for you all.

Good night and may God bless you.


Signs of the times…

Hello all, it has been a long time and I am sorry that I have not kept up on this as I should have but that is the past and we should be concerned about the present and more so the future.

People have become very ugly theses days, more so with the bruhaha going on with the current elections. I honest thought it would not be as bad as the last one, but I was wrong. This election has become a catalyst for some very disturbing emotions and thought processes.

If you vote for A, you are a racist, if you vote for B, you are stupid.

What the hell?

What has happened to us? Respect for our fellow human being has hit an all time low and the way it is looking, the bar will go even lower.

And that is just the elections, we have cops killing innocent people because of their color, disturbed individuals taking lives for the strangest of reasons, banks committing fraud and the upper levels of management get away with a slap on the wrist and one hell of a bonus check and raising prices for essential medication that people just cannot afford.

And that is just a small list, and that is just here in the states. I can go on with what is happening around the world.

Why you may ask, why are things happening?

Capitalism in some instances, racism, religion, and ignorance in others.

But I can sum it all up in just one word…..hate.

There is a lot of hate and apathy today.

People just do not care about other people, and it is very sad, and like I said before, it is going to get worse.

End Times people, that is what I think is going on.

This is why I have begun to reach out to people I have not spoken too in a long time, to ask for forgiveness and/or to forgive them because in my humble opinion is truly short.

Also if you are not right with God, do not wait because signs are pointing to something big to happen to this planet and it is coming soon.

As a famous line said, “Something wicked, this way comes..”

If you do not believe, please at least consider it.

I pray for all of you.

God bless and make some time to make someone smile or even laugh, I bet you someone you know needs it, or maybe a simple hug, Lord knows I need one.

Have a great day.

Back to the grind.

It has been a while since I have put fingers to keys to write down what has been going through my mind and I think I have sat on my laurels long enough so here we go.

There last few years have had me scratching my head. People in the world and more so here in the states have, in my humble opinion, become less and less good. Cruelty is on the rise and the advent of the internet has fanned that flame more than any other medium in human history.

You see, in this day and age anyone can from almost anywhere sit down and with no accountability, write or comment anything that they want to say and while I am for freedom of speech I am not for abuse.

I think I became more aware of it when Gabby Douglas, who is a Olympian, was taken to task about her hair in 2012 and some of these commentators were from the very same race as Gabby was.


Same thing when Marc Anthony sang “God Bless America” at the 2013 MLB All Star Game and people has something negative to say and many of those comments were just plain ignorant calling him Mexican or not American. (His parents are Puerto Rican and he was born in NYC.)

If you want more examples, go to any Yahoo news item and just read the comments, you will find some sort of cruel and/or ignorant comment from someone hiding behind a screen-name.

Again why?

It is so much harder to be mean, and it has been proven that you actually spend more energy being mean as opposed to being nice which has been proven to be beneficial to one’s health.

So again, why?

Signs of the times?

It has been said in the Judeo-Christian faith that people would be more insensitive to each other as the End Times was drawing near.

And that has seem to be the case as days go by.

Amazing, the xenophobes are alive and well.

Well it seems that people have lost their minds again when Coca Cola ran their superbowl ad with many different people in different languages singing “America the Beautiful”.

I just do not see the problem, Coke is a American country that has gone global, why would they not celebrate their diversity. Yet the Xenophobes always have something incredibly stupid to say, and it has not been the first time.

When Marc Anthony sang the national anthem, another group of people also lost their collective minds.

So, what I did was email Coke and asked them to do another commercial with the same song but have Naive Americans sing in in their particular dialects.

What do you think?

Where is this world going to?

Well shootings seem to be the in thing nowadays, just had one pretty close to where I live that made national attention. Man lost it at a mediation meeting and shot 3 people, 1 died, 1 is said that he is not going to make it and the third, thank god will be fine. The killer shot himself and died after a run around with the police, then you have the stand off in Alabama and another shooting in Atlanta.

And it is not even the end of the week yet.

It seems people are just becoming more and more unhinged as the days go by, and this is just in America. I will not get into what is going on around the world at this point.

What is happening people, where are we going with this. If you want to see cruelty and blatant stupidity, just go to Yahoo News and read the comments on almost any article.

People are becoming more and more evil as time ticks away, I mean look at our last election. Never in my memory has there been such hatred toward one another before last November, even Romney was a total ass in how he handled his loss and his son did not fall far from the tree.


People get caught up in stupid things like racism, HELLO are we all part of the HUMAN RACE? Do we all not bleed the same color? Do we not all use eyes to see and ears to hear? Until something comes along that works different you cannot say one is better than another, it is just plain stupid.

My generation has failed Parenting 101, and it is not getting better as the next generation is having kids.

No values and even lesser morals.

Where are we going wrong?

I do know this, there is not one human being that can solve our issues. Only a intervention from a higher being (God/Jesus/Holy Spirit for me) can fix this mess that we are in.

Things will get a lot worse before it gets better and were need to prepare for the plunge.

Good luck.

People and cruelty.

It just amazes me how cruel people are. We had the issue with little Gabby and her hair being one example. I mean really people, the girl is 16 with a Olympic Gold Medal not 16 and pregnant, yet you want to get on her case about her hair?

What has this country turned into, I mean even in politics, people have degenerated into calling those who are part of another party names, like children in a schoolyard.

I also read today that a girl who was murdered about a year ago, her killer cut out a tattoo so it would be harder for the police to identify her.

I am not even going to into what cruelty I have received on a personal level in the last 2 months. It is really sad and these are the things we are teaching our children, not realizing that these children will be taking care of us when we get older. do you think that they are going to treat you any better?

We need to get things together and fix this problem before it is too late.